How much does junk removal cost?

How much does Atlanta's Got Junk! charge to remove junk?

Thank you for your interest in removing unwanted items. We usually have same-day/next-day service.

Our prices are based on the amount you have to be hauled off. Although our vehicles can hold six times the size of what a pickup truck holds, this increment of measurement is used to determine how much. 

For example, if your items take up the space of one pickup truck, it costs $125, 1.5 is $187, two pick up trucks cost $250 and so on. All prices include what I have to pay the landfill.

Refrigerators start at $75.

Other price influencers are wet paint, tires, trees and bushes (inert), extra heavy items, and additional time and degrees of effort to load our vehicles.

If you agree, book online and we will be there. 

OUR VEHICLES - 7' tall inside. Space enough to do jumping jax!

Here are examples of pickup truck loads.


Holds a tad bit more than SIX pickup trucks!

Two large items. There's room for more...


Plenty of room for a bunch of smaller junk...

We haul off EVERYTHING!

me and my dog...

Gate up or Gate Down

Below, you will find the best example of SEVERAL pickup truck loads. How many pickup truck loads do you think??

one Pickup Truck load?



JUNK REMOVAL - Other price influencers

Junk removal prices are influenced by degrees of loading effort. Take a refrigerator, for instance. If it already sits in the garage, you can expect to pay $75 for this single item. If it is in a basement, there may be a loading effort #2 charge ($35) to a loading effort #3 charge ($75). If the same refrigerator is too large to fit through a door, expect the loading effort to be #4 ($140).

Consider a job of two pickup truck loads. All items already sit in the garage or driveway except a recliner in your basement with two sets of stairs to cross. Expect the loading effort to be #3 to #4 added onto the $250.

A loading effort #1 is like removing a queen mattress from the second floor. Add this to your other items (a pickup truck load). The total will be $140.

Paint can be considered as regular household junk if it is already dry. Click here for paint drying tips.

Tires come with a disposal fee of $7.

Not all landfills and transfer stations are created equally. As a matter of fact, most landfills do not accept yard waste like trees, shrubs, and leaves. If these items are accepted, there will be a special section for these to be placed.


Otherwise, the landfills that do accepts yard waste are categorized as inert landfills.


Did you know that we have to PAY the landfill to dump the junk?

Here are two places in Gwinnett County where you can take your junk:

Republic Service Richland Creek Landfill is located at 5691 S. Richland Creek Rd, Buford. Their number is found to be (770) 271-3575. Another is Central Gwinnett Transfer Station at 535 Seaboard Industrial Drive, Lawrenceville. Their number is found to be (770) 237-8477. It's best to call ahead for wait times.

How much does Atlanta's Got Junk charge to remove junk?

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